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“Save my Marriage Today” was co-created by Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch. This state-of-the-art home study course is available solely online.Save My Marriage Today Review

In it, you will see an impressive volume of information directed to people from all walks of life who are experiencing critical issues in their marriage.

Basically it is a training course, packed with crisis techniques promising to heal marriages when couples have one-foot in the divorce court. You are shown a step-by-step way to deal with every phase of marital breakups.

Amy Waterman is a relationships expert whose genres include dating, attraction and marriage guidance. She makes it clear on her personal web page that “Save My Marriage Todays” – powerful secrets are responsible for having saved over 6,000 marriages.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for a course of this nature in a society where getting divorced is about as easy as buying bottled water. Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch believe that marriages are worth saving and are making a collaborative effort to help marriages in trouble.

With Amy offering the female perspective and Andrew speaking from the male perspective, “Save my Marriage Today” raises this atypical rescue book to a higher dimension.

The course adopts the premise that you can save your marriage without help from your partner. It teaches new problem-solving techniques and different communication approaches that give you the ability to resolve conflicts.

Now – wouldn’t it be awesome if we had the power to stop infidelity before it starts? Amy discloses her 4-step formula to prevent infidelity, along with reasons your spouse may tell lies to spare your feelings.

You’ll get comprehensive answers to burning questions on how to deal with specific marital problems, including techniques to save your marriage following an affair and correct handling of crisis situations.

Young family sitting on floor with dog.Save my marriage today before it's too late.

While statistically it is the female who desperately seeks new information to heal a dysfunctional marriage, the principles in “Save my Marriage Today” are also applicable to males. The course applies to young married couples as well as couples in their golden years.

Perhaps your marriage isn’t yet in the danger zone, but it is in a rut. You’ll learn how to reignite the passion and put the magic back in your marriage. With romance returning, you’ll find your marriage healthier and stronger than before.

There are various reasons a marriage can get into crisis mode such as, having a baby, lack of trust, job pressures, dishonesty, romance lacking, spouse spends too much time at work, neglects you and so on. All these marriage wreckers and more are identified and addressed.

When trust is gone, the marriage is in great jeopardy. You’ll find a section dedicated to regaining trust, regardless the cause, whether due to an affair or another form of betrayal. By assessing yourself you will gain insights on how such marriage stressors arise in the first place.

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Altogether, the home training course in “Save my Marriage Today” includes 38 exercises. If you’re trying to save the marriage yourself, you’ll no doubt receive many insights as you examine yourself and your relationship.

However, the co-authors suggest that for the best possible outcome, both spouses should read “Save my Marriage Today” and work the exercises together.

The course prompts couples to communicate effectively in more detail about their marriage by discussing questions and how they answered them. However, if your spouse is unwilling to participate in helping rescue the relationship, you will garner personal benefits.

You’ll even learn how to appreciate the good things in your marriage. That way when you’re dealing with negative issues, remembering and expressing gratitude for the good things will help provide balance. happy senior couple close up

Included with “Save My Marriage Today” are six additional relationship products that seem to be well thought out in terms of complimenting the course.

1. Personal E-mail Consultation – Amy wants you to get personal attention from her staff of relationship experts. They will assess your particular situation.

2. “Stress – Comprehensive Guide to Wellness & Inner Peace” understanding your personal stressors, determine causes and become aware of ways stress is affecting your health and marriage.

3. “7 Ways to Live Life to the Max” – Learn how to tap into your inner-self for insights about how your marriage can change for the better.

4. “How to Be Happy” – uncovers secrets to happiness.

5. “How to Cheat-Proof your Relationship”– Find out ways to cheat-proof your marriage.

6. “6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce & How to Stop Them Happening to You” – how to avoid pain & suffering and create your happy marriage now.

Our Verdict: If you are 100% invested in salvaging your marriage, even if it seems hopeless, “Save my Marriage Today” just might be the vehicle for getting your spouse back onboard. We also like the transparency of a 60-day money-back, no-questions- asked guarantee.

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